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Mijn Reykjavik Marathon Playlist

Geen idee hoe het met jou zit, maar ik heb muziek nodig bij het hardlopen. Zeker tijdens die oneindig lange zondagse runs is het een welkome afleiding. Tot nu toe gebruikte ik meestal een Running World’s playlist of één van de iTunes lijstjes op mijn iPhone. Maar als je +50K per week loopt en die […]

Running in Summer Temperatures

Even though Summer has officially just started yesterday, it has been extremely hot last couple of days (and even weeks). As from today, we have what they call a heat wave —this means at least 5 days in a row 25° C or more and at least 3 days of 30° C and more. Needless […]

Running in winter

Although temperatures seem like early spring this week, winter is likely far from over. February can be freezing cold and getting your butt outside for a run can be hard to say the least. But if you want to keep up your routine, running in winter is kind of a necessary evil. That’s why I […]

2017 Workout Resolutions

Getting fit is probably one of the most common New Year’s resolutions that people make every year. Although 2016 was one of my fittest years ever — I ran several 10K races and the Brussels 20K — motivation can be a tricky one for me, because a) I rather want to hang out with my […]