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How To Prevent Black Toenails (Or Cover Them With Nail Polish)

A bruised toe nail, also known as a black toenail, can be a problem for runners of all distances. I had two black big toenails last summer and, believe me, it’s not that funny in open-toe season ;-) Typically, a black nail is caused by running shoes that are too small. However, they can also […]

Dry Shampoo After A Workout

It is true: not everyone washes their hair every day —including me. If you work out practically every day, that might pose some problems. You just don’t want to deal with washing, drying, and styling after every workout, but a headful of sweaty hair isn’t exactly a desirable alternative either. Drum roll: dry shampoo can […]

Common Skin Care Mistakes (You May Not Even Know You’re Making)

[At Kiehl’s for a professional skin analysis] My early 20s were kind of a disaster in terms of skin care — I didn’t always wash my face before bed, forgot sunscreen regularly and whenever I had a blemish, I’d attack it within minutes. Fast forward to my thirties and I’m seeing some of that carelessness […]