Jump for Juice: Jus Jus


I absolutely love indulgent food, but I do know the importance of a well-balanced diet. After this past Holidays (that involved nearly two weeks of overly rich meals), I needed a little break from the heavy dishes and alcoholic drinks. That’s why I decided to do another juice cleanse and start the year healthy and balanced. I already did a three-day cleanse before, but given my rather busy schedule I chose to squeeze in a one-day cleanse for a quick boost.

Last October I came across JUS JUS, a brand new raw juice concept based in Antwerp and the first to offer organic cold-pressed raw juice in Belgium. This means that all greens and fruits are pressed at low temperature, extracting all natural fruit sugars, vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements. Most juices you buy in the supermarket are pasteurized and contain additives or preservatives. JUS JUS juices are true vitamin bombs and 100% certified organic. I contacted Didi Delgado, curious to try out one of the cleanses. Didi acquired the taste for fresh juices in New York — there are juice bars popping up every day in the city — and she decided to bring her passion to Belgium. Yay!

In the JUS JUS CLEANSE you basically replace all your meals, caffeinated and alcoholic drinks by 6 delicious organic, cold-pressed juices. Detoxing is a great way to release toxins, give your immune system a boost, lose that little extra weight before summer or just feel good about yourself. To make your body ready for the cleanse, it’s advised to slightly change your diet two-three days up front — decreasing your caffeine, sugar and meat intake and eating lighter meals.

The juices were delivered at my doorstep — what a luxury! — together with a user guide and ‘emergency only’ kit. The JUS JUS cleanse I followed was LEVEL 2: CLARITY. Every level consists of 6 juices of 500ml each that you’ll drink throughout the day with a minimum of 2 hours in between. I was charmed not only by the heavenly healthy juices – 1 bottle contains over 1,5 kilos of green veggies or fruits – but also by their incredibly catchy names (The Hulk, Pineapple Mojito or Almond Joy). And I loved how the bottles looked just too cool & colorful in my fridge.

Luckily, I didn’t have any severe headaches or nausea. I did feel a bit lightheaded and experienced a somewhat mild headache the first day. Of course, it was very helpful that all the juices were so tasty – GREENDAY and SKINNY G were my favorites. The result? I feel lighter, radiant and energetic.

Eager to try out this healthy lifestyle or just want to add some vitamins to your diet? Then check JUS JUS out for yourself!


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