Dry Shampoo After A Workout


It is true: not everyone washes their hair every day —including me. If you work out practically every day, that might pose some problems. You just don’t want to deal with washing, drying, and styling after every workout, but a headful of sweaty hair isn’t exactly a desirable alternative either. Drum roll: dry shampoo can be a locks-saver, but only if you do it right…

Remove your ponytail holder ASAP
If your hair is long enough to need an elastic while you run, take that sucker out immediately once you’ve finished working out. Otherwise, the hair will clump and kink as the sweat evaporates, making a shower the only way to salvage your strands. Speaking of: I recently discovered the miracles of invisibobble. It protects your hair from kinks and split ends and doesn’t slide right out while running. Yay!


Your hair must be dry
If you spray dry shampoo on a wet head, it will cling to the moisture instead of the oils, leaving your locks coated with powdery paste. Give your hair time to air dry—or blow-dry out the sweat if you’re in a rush. If you did and evening workout, spray it on before going to bed and you’ll wake up feeling pretty & fresh!

If you use a powder, brush it all out
Dry shampoos were actually developed to give longer life to your salon blowouts—and they used to all be powders. As you brush the powder out, it takes the oil with it. But if it’s not all gone, the white residue might ruin your ’do.

What’s your post-run hair secret?

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