Run, Girl, Run!


Running does truly amazing things for your entire body. It pumps blood throughout your body and brain, gets your heart rate up, releases endorphins, lets you sweat out toxins, builds strong leg and abdominal muscles and helps to clear your head. However, like many things in life, it’s not always easy. I always had some kind of love-hate relationship with running until I learned how to run the right way and make it fun. Call me a health freak, but now I love lacing up my sneakers and sweating it out regularly.

Here are my 5 tips on how to learn to love running:

1. Get it right
If you’re not a runner, running won’t be easy at first. And it definitely won’t be easy if you don’t learn how to run properly. If you aren’t used to exercising at all, you should gradually build up some basic level of fitness: go for a regular walk, take the stairs, bike to work, go to the gym, … Slowly increase the exercise time until it adds up to 30-60 minutes and you feel more energetic. Once you’re comfortable enough to start running, go for it!

2. Don’t start off too big

If you’ve never run before and you try going for 5K your first time, you’re not going to have fun and you’ll probably be in pain the next day. As with everything, take small steps. If you need to run for a minute then walk for a minute, that’s fine. Listen to your body and do what it is comfortable with. Start off slow and work your way up to longer distances & faster paces.

3. Get good music
To me, a good running playlist is everything. If you like to work out to music, creating a running playlist makes all the difference. I like upbeat songs, because they motivate me and actually make me run to the rhythm. Maybe it sounds a bit strange, but it really works! On Spotify, you can find some great workout tunes that will power up your runs.

4. Take it outside
Running outside makes it easier to lose track of time and get distracted by things around you, therefore making your run go by faster. Running hills and different terrains will also make your runs more challenging. Start off by finding a flat route that loops back to your starting point. This way, you have to keep going in order to finish — no turning back.

5. Download some fun apps
Lately, there are apps for almost anything you want to do — the same goes for running. My personal favorite is the Nike+ Running app because it tells you how far/fast you’re running, how many calories you’re burning, how your hearth rate is evolving and it even lets you select a playlist from your iPhone or Spotify to power up your run.

I’m curious: what’s your favorite workout?

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